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Bringing HVAC Energy Efficiency to Your Home

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Helping Your Community Conserve

airEnalasys functions as a Verification Services Provider (VSP) with services such as AC Leakage, Building Leakage, and Refrigerant Optimization. We work with utilities to create incentive programs for improving the operation of HVAC systems in their service territories.

These programs currently consist of optimizing the refrigerant charge and airflow across the air handler's refrigerant coil (RCA) and the sealing of the duct distribution system to specified minimum leakage levels.

airEnalasys is the "boots on the ground" for the utilities and VSP. We recruit, train, and mentor HVAC contractors on using diagnostic testing equipment for improving their work on HVAC systems. The contractors can then market themselves as providing this service to their existing customer base, as well as use advertising to obtain additional customers for this service. Contact us for more information regarding our Verification Service Programs.

Current Florida Utility Programs

  • Gainesville Regional Utility (AC Duct Testing)
  • Progress Energy New Construction Quality Assurance (ChargeRite)